New Product: Factory by Gazzini

As some nameless flooring prophet once said, “There are two types of concrete floors: the kind that’s cracked and the kind that’s going to crack.”

What a pessimist.

Still, we agree with the sentiment.

A seamless, poured concrete slab offers a beautiful flooring option. Add some dyes, polish it up a bit and you have an even more dynamic looking floor. Will it crack? Over time, almost certainly. A lot of that is attributed to the changes in temperature, moisture and settling that virtually all expanses of concrete slabs endure.

Enter the porcelain alternative. You’ve likely seen countess versions of cement inspired porcelain tile at your favorite floor covering store, tile showroom, magazine or online community and interior design website. It’s a look that’s very instep with contemporary urban design trends and one that works both commercial and residentially.


A porcelain cement look can achieve almost all the aesthetics of concrete while mitigating its limitations. Our newest offering in this category is the Factory series by Gazzini. With its troweled surface texture and subtle shade variation, this series captures the unique character of the real thing.


We’re stocking Factory in 12×24 and 4×12 field sizes (both rectified) in three immediate colors: White, Grey and Black. We’ve also added a 3” Hexagonal Mosaic as well as an irresistible waterjet-cut elongated hex in the Citizen Mosaic.


Below we’ve partnered the Factory series with other favorites in our collection of locally stocked products. Try using it with our Settecento New Yorker series for an attractive floor and wall combo. Does your design project call for more pattern and geometry? Match it with Marca Corona’s Chalk series. Perhaps your objective is to create a subtle, but sophisticated industrial space? If so, the CC Mosaics from Roca is a wonderful companion to Factory.

The versatility of this series lends itself to a variety of product pairings. Or simply use it by itself. Whatever route you go, Factory is sure to elevate your design game!

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