SPARK Seattle

Do you ever wonder what a Sales Rep does when we are not in the office?

Beyond meeting with architects and designers at different firms, multiple times per day, striving to be a solution based consultant, our goal is to strengthen relationships with these clients to ensure their trust and specifications.

A large part of our job is giving back to those who support us, offering creative ideas and saying Thank You for partnering with us. It is out of this thought process that SPARK was born.

SPARK is an annual event that involves non competing vendors, collaborating together to showcase our latest products in an inspiring way. Our objective is geared toward SPARKing an interest or a new idea resulting in energy and enthusiasm in an unforgettable kind of way.  As you probably know, creative people need many sources of inspiration, and SPARK is one of those solutions.

Planning the event is a detail oriented process. This year, 10 non-competing vendors took on the responsibility of investigating, procuring, and organizing items such as a food truck, drinks, photo booth, and a charity to support. All of this in addition to showcasing our beautiful products. United Tile showcased two Crossville floor pads: Retro Active 2.0 and State of Grace.  Both of which were well received.

Every year there is a higher standard to meet, and excitedly this was SPARK’s most successful year yet with almost 300 in attendance. An iconic location was in order for the 5th year, and the Next 50 pavilion in the Seattle Center was the perfect spot.

The following photos provide a glimpse of the event. Maybe this will SPARK something in you!

SPARK Thanks and Raffle


SPARK State of Grace


SPARK Space Needle


SPARK Retro Active 2.0


SPARK Photobooth

SPARK Attendees 2