Current Tile Trends

It’s no secret that tile is starting to take center stage in design. If you look at Houzz, Pinterest, and Instagram, you know what we’re talking about! From decorative patterns to interesting shapes and textures, tile is being used to make a statement of art and beauty rather than pure function.  With advancing technology there are more options than ever before, which means it might be time to re-think that plain white subway tile.

While there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe, the world of tile is ever-evolving which means trends are happening.  The following looks are gaining popularity based on what we have seen from our manufacturers, customers, social platforms, and the world’s largest tile expos.


Interesting Textures:

You can’t go wrong with a great texture. All one color played up with light and shadow provide incredible interest whether it’s a subtle relief or something larger in scale. We’ve seen everything from wave patterns to geometric and small organic looks. Talk about a feature wall!


Matte Finishes:


If you want chic, go with a matte finish.  Understated, yet a nice break from the shiny finishes we’re used to seeing on tile.  Matte black has been especially popular for both floor and wall applications giving an edgy, yet classy look.


Brickwork Tile:



Whether it’s a glazed brick or something similar, this is the new subway. They’re earthy, rustic, and unpretentious in the most perfect way.  We love the interest they bring to a space while maintaining a classic feel. From backsplashes to café walls, it seems there’s no wrong place to put them!


Small Mosaics:



They may be small but they’re back in a big way. Rich colors, beautiful variation, and endless patterns make it hard to imagine a space they wouldn’t look great in.  And don’t underestimate they’re miniature scale, as they have proven themselves to look equally stunning in both small and large applications.


Parquet Pattern:



What’s old is new again. We are seeing this vintage pattern re-emerge in a fresh way for both floors and walls.  It feels stylish and is a great way to spice up a basic subway tile.


Artisan Tile:



Hand painted, rustic edges, and uneven textures – basically imperfection is what’s trending. It represents the true craftsmanship of tile and evokes character which makes the space appear to have a story.  Because of that, we think the down-to-earth and homey vibe is here to stay.


Rich Colors:



Beautiful, saturated tones are showing up more and more creating show-stopping spaces.  Although it can be intimidating to make the commitment, these images prove that going all in can be totally worth it.


White Marble:

Laminam by Crossville I Naturali Statuario Venato_5x5


We’ve been seeing this one for a while now, but it is still going strong and proving it’s staying power. Porcelain tile or the real deal, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference, making it suitable for almost any application. And like a good pair of jeans, it will always look classic.

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