Tile Design Trends

There’s been a lot of talk of “Design Trends” around here lately.  Kelley Stratton, our Director of Showrooms, gave a great presentation to one of our dealers and their customers last week – and we have Feras Irikat from Lunada Bay coming to give a CEU presentation on the same topic in our Portland and Seattle showrooms at the end of the month (you won’t want to miss those!)

Here is what we are seeing trending right now.

While we still see plenty of the classic white 3×6 subway tiles, this category has certainly grown.  It now includes color, longer lineal sizes, and glass options.  We are seeing playful layouts as well as contrasting grout colors to enhance an installation.  The different possibilities allow this to be a great option for traditional or modern décor.

These hand-painted tiles are influenced by Spanish and Moroccan cultures – as well as the Arts & Crafts movement.  Some have a terra cotta body.  This can also include artisanal tiles, which typically have a non-uniform appearance and slightly irregular edges.  They are often inspired by European cafes and feature glazes with a wide color range, crackled glazes, or an antiqued look.

White is hot!  Some find white to be sterile, but when paired with warm materials, it can be both trendy and timeless.  You can easily make it more unique with interesting patterns, textures and materials.  White marbles continue to be an extremely popular choice – particularly in kitchens and bathrooms!

We are loving the textural and geometric options that are available now.  It is easy to add visual interest by using one color and using a fun shape – or go big with a bold geometric shape!  There are so many ways to play with shape and color while still achieving a classic look.

While white seems to please the majority of our customers, we have seen a resurgence in dark and moody colors, particularly in matte finishes.

This category has grown tremendously, and shows no signs of slowing down.  Technology has advanced to a point where most people can’t even tell if these porcelain options are real or not!  Whether you prefer rustic, modern, or somewhere in between – if you want the look of wood without the wear and maintenance, porcelain is a great option.

Ready to make a statement?  This look has been around for centuries, but has recently seen a huge resurgence.  Just be sure to pair these bold graphic tiles with something more muted so you don’t overdo it!

For nearly 10 years, customers have been coming in and asking if glass is too “trendy”.  Well, the fact that they have been asking for that long pretty much answers the question for us!  Glass can be subtle, beautiful, and timeless.  And is definitely a look that is here to stay!

Come visit one of our showrooms to see more ideas like these!