Color Variation

RM 15Thirty
Royal Mosa 15Thirty, an example of a V-1 shade variation

Color variation is something we discuss with our customers on a regular basis. It’s important to know if the product you’re ordering is going to have a uniform appearance, a subtle color range, or extreme variation.

Sonoma Euphoria
Sonoma’s Euphoria collection, V-4

Being familiar and comfortable with color variation is especially important when it comes to dealing with natural stone. No two tiles are exactly the same, no matter how subtle the veining and movement.

As with any tile, especially a V-2 or higher, it is important for your installer to work from multiple boxes, hand blending the pieces to ensure there’s an organic movement to the colors, and avoiding a concentration of colors in one spot.

You will see on our tile boards and samples a note for “variation”, as well as a number, ranging from V-1 to V-4

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