Pantone Color of the Year 2016


After the year the world has experienced, the pairing of Rose Quartz and Serenity come as a welcome, soothing choice. We all need a little calm in our lives, right?

When it comes to utilizing these colors in your home, our advice is to go crazy with them….just not with your tile. These colors will make beautiful accents, upholstery fabrics, area rugs, art statements, and more. Let the tile be the canvas that allows you to build your design upon.

Verde 1999 Evoque

Try juxtaposing these sweet colors our Verde 1999 Evoque, which mimics the look of acid washed concrete, swinging the pendulum from cute to edgy.

Vallelunga Calacatta

If your style is more based on elegance, nothing is more-so than marble. We recently brought in Vallelunga Calacatta, a stunning porcelain that is a perfect match for the natural stone, but at a fraction of the cost and lacking the need for maintenance. Ground this light and airy look with some warm wood tones, whether in your flooring (try our Plank!) or casegoods.

Walker Zanger Deco D’Antan

Prefer something playful? We love Walker Zanger’s Deco D’Antan line, and think the patterns would play perfectly with the juvenile colors. Use simple accents, such as a clean subway tile, or warm wood floor, in order to not conflict with the pattern.

How will you use these colors in your home? Or will you use them at all?



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