New Product: Astor Fusion

FUSION GREYS 12x24_5x5
Astor Fusion Greys

We’re thrilled to announce the latest and greatest addition to our STOCKED products! Fusion by Astor is just what the name implies – a “fusion” of multiple elements to create a visual sensation. Some will see it as stone, others a slate, and some may find certain colors reminiscent of a concrete look.  Regardless of your interpretation, this tile will make a beautiful statement. Fusion from Astor has a large color variation and each color is named for the range it represents: Darks, Greys, Ochres, and Whites. With 40 “faces” for the 18″x18″ and 25 for the 18″x30″ size, each color presents an extraordinary variety of visual and tactile sensations.

Astor Fusion Darks

With each color having such a wide range, this tile can easily be the star of the room. Able to fit a wide variety of styles, from northwest contemporary to industrial, rustic to traditional (the “whites” range personally reminds me of large exterior facades of old French chateaus!), this tile is sure to be a hit. Come visit one of our showrooms and see it for yourself!