House of the Immediate Future – Habitat for Humanity

United Tile and Crossville are thrilled to be a part of Habitat for Humanity’s House of the Immediate Future.  Miller Hull Architects and Habitat have partnered on this project as part of The Next 50 celebration at the Seattle Center.  This project is being built at Seattle Center, where the focus of the design is on environmental sustainability.  The emphasis will be on forward looking materials and design, and will feature Crossville Shades AV141 Frost Honed 6×24 for the Kitchen backsplash.  The house is on display at Seattle Center from August until October 21, 2012.  After that time, the house will be relocated to its permanent location in the Rainier Valley area. 

Other stats:  This is a 1400 square foot, two story house. 
Design goals: Demonstrates energy efficient construction using the best of readily available methods and materials.  The house demonstrates what is possible and economically practical with today’s technology.  The building, despite its modern design, is a simple structure designed to be inexpensive to construct.  The building is designed to accommodate a variety of needs over time, with movable partitions and multi-use spaces that allow it to adapt to different needs and for aging in place for residents.

If you are anywhere near Seattle Center, be sure to check it out!  For more information, check out Habitat for Humanity’s blog or facebook page.



What do you use for inspiration? 

Peg Cox is a fabulous designer in Snohomish who frequently uses our Everett showroom to make her selections.  In her own words, “I just love Dawn, Crystal and the gang.  They are always so helpful.  I love the selections and variety you have”.

Peg recently completed a remodel of an entire house in Woodinville, where the design throughout the home was inspired by our Walker Zanger Tuileries Rivoli Deco Field in the Loire color.  She knew her client would love the shape and robin’s egg blue color.  We love how the tile ended up being the inspiration for so much more in this beautiful home!

The kitchen featured the Walker Zanger Tuileries field tile in the Loire color, paired with Stone & Pewter Accent’s Sumi-E Tresse in color Hope Natural.  The glass had so much depth and with the varying colors, it tied in well with the granite.

The bathrooms featured Casa Dolce Casa Pietre 2 in color Fiora.  They loved the large 16×16 tiles and felt it made the smaller bathrooms feel so much larger.  In addition, the through body porcelain allowed them to eliminate the use of edge tiles to make it look more like real stone – but without the maintenance.  More Stone & Pewter Sumi-e Tresse in Hope Natural was used in the bathrooms.  And of course the Walker Zanger Tuileries Rivoli Deco was featured again!

Notice how the Rivoli Deco design is repeated throughout the house – even in custom wainscot panels!

Congratulations on a beautiful project, Peg!  And thanks for using United Tile!