NKBA Chapter Event in Spokane

We hosted a great NKBA meeting in our Spokane showroom last week, with over 40 local kitchen and bath designers, as well as industry partners attending.  It was a pleasure to have this group in our showroom and learn more about the local chapter.  The national NKBA president, Alan Zielinski, gave a wonderful talk about “Designing the Sale”.  He spoke about “the extra degree” and the magic of number 212.  212 degrees is the point at which water boils.  When water boils it creates steam, and with steam you can power locomotives.  He emphasized that at 211 degrees, you are hot, but not as powerful as you would be with the extra degree.  Whether it’s picking up a piece of paper in the parking lot, or going above and beyond to meet a customer’s needs, we need to be at 212.