Oceanside Glasstile Installation Seminar

We had a huge response to the Oceanside Glasstile installation seminar that we hosted in our Portland showroom this week.  Over 90 tile installers, designers and architects attended and became so engaged many were still here at 10:00, five hours after it began.

Glass Tile Installation
David Fatula holds up a large format glass tile demonstrating how to back-butter the tile before laying it in thinset.

The program featured David Fatula, Oceanside’s Technical Support Manager.  The presentation was well organized, interesting, fast paced and visual.  David has a wealth of experience in glass installations and made it clear he is anxious to share this knowledge to help ensure the success of every glass installation. He clearly connected with the tile contractors, who not only had questions, but were anxious to share their installation experience.

A video presentation showed how Oceanside glass is produced.  It demonstrated the many steps that are taken to produce this beautiful handcrafted product.

Several of those attending asked if it might be possible to schedule another event with David so that friends and colleagues could attend.  We are exploring that possibility and will keep you posted.

Thanks to all those who attended.  We are delighted you found the program so valuable.

Beautiful Bathroom

Russ Finley, a Senior Interior Designer with LRS Architects in Portland, recently remodeled his own bathroom.  In one of the most clever design ideas we’ve seen, he chose to update the look by adding tile within the panels of his wood wainscot.  Russ used the new Gendai Series from Stone & Pewter Accents in the color Mila Silk.  We think you will agree, the end result is STUNNING!