New & New Software System

United Tile's Website HomepageSome of you who regularly follow our blog may be wondering where we have been. This last year United Tile has been going through a software update that has totally revamped how we do business.  The new system, Prophet 21, allows us to better serve our customers with more complete and in-depth information. It also helps all of our locations communicate stock level changes and sample availability.  We are very excited for this change and have already seen internal improvements since our launch on August 29th.

The most publicly obvious change is our new website – The new site is set up to allow customers with account at UT to shop online and to check updates on their account. For the homeowner shopper who cannot utilize online sales, they can still browse product as well as use our new Design Resources section. This section is where one can educate themselves about tile and start their research for their project.

On the homepage you can use the three boxes on the bottom of the page for news, happenings and updates.  When you get into the website we created a new navigation on the footer that allows you to browse for product by type rather than by manufacturer.

The new Commercial and Technical sections are great resources for those in the building and installation part of our industry. We are going to have technical guide lines as well as show commercial specific product to make your job easier when specing and installing product.

Still under construction, the website is a work in progress. We invite you to continue to visit our site for updates. We will use our blog as a means to make large public announcements. If you are interested in getting on our eblast list please contact us at, to get a more personalized message from us.