Calling All Tile Setters!

The Portland HBA (Home Builders Association) needs your help. During the month of December they need volunteers to help set tile in the newly remodeled Cordero House. Local suppliers have donated material and we now need to get it installed.

The Cordero House is a long term residential program that serves boys 14-19 & their families who are victims of sexual abuse.

To offer your needed services please contact:
Melanie Tashima Duncan at or 503-603-4511

New vignettes in our Portland showroom

If you haven’t visited us lately, be sure to stop by our Portland showroom to see many new vignettes and installations.  Come on in from the cold, enjoy a warm cup of coffee, visit with any of our wonderful showroom designers, and check out some of our fabulous new material!

Century - Darwin - Seymor - 10x10, 10x20, 20x20
Crossville - Color Blox - A1101 Sandbox - 12x12; Island Pebbles - Maluku Tan - 4x12 border; Crossville - Color Blox - A1108 Sea Otter - 18x18
Monocibec - Ethnos - Iowa - 10x10, 10x20, 20x20, 13x13
Orchid - Etch - Nero - 12x12 and 18x18; Bellavita - Boulder - Terra (cut down to 5x12 border)
Orchid - Etch - Terra - 12x12; Sonoma - Tantrum - Black Onyx - 1x1; Sonoma - Mosuprema - Northwest Blend - 1x2
Provenza - Q Stone - Grey - 12x24

And my personal favorite

Mosaic = Mandala - Avani - 7/8" mosaic - Hemp; Liner = Mandala - Avani - Ridge Liner; Field = Panaria - Aisthesis - Sabbia - 18x18

Stop on by.  Let us inspire you.

Battling Against Greenwashing

Many people are making a conscious effort to choose environmentally responsible products.  Unfortunately, it is easy to be confused by “green” claims in the market.

According to a report in the October 26th edition of the Wall Street Journal, “more than 95% of consumer products examined committed at least one offense of ‘greenwashing,’ a term used to describe unproven environmental claims, according to TerraChoice, a North American environmental-marketing company that issued the report.”  TerraChoice was recently acquired by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent product-safety certification organization.  TerraChoice and Underwriters Laboratories both offer green-certification programs.

At United Tile, we hear unsubstantiated claims on a regular basis.  To ensure we are not contributing to this misinformation, we insist on having independent, third-party certification of claims made for products we sell and promote.  We welcome inquiries that will allow us to provide verification.