Sound Environmental Practices Involves Employees

While we were pleased to have recently been selected one of “Oregon’s Top 100 Green Companies” by Oregon Business magazine, it did not prompt or change our commitment to run United Tile in an environmentally responsible manner.  That commitment began several years ago and today permeates our buying decisions, operating practices and policies.  A recent article in Harvard Business describes how creating engagement around environmental issues can motivate employees while challenging them to be even more innovative and resourceful during tough economic times.  Here is the link to this article: Advantage Blog 

Ken Wiedemann
President, United Tile

Portland Designer Lauds Showroom Experience

Diane Plesset is the owner of D.P. Design in Oregon City, Oregon.  She published a weekly newsletter covering a variety of design related topics. If you are interested in receiving it, send an email to In her August 24th Newsletter, Diane comments on the teamwork she has found in working with Debee Larson in our Portland Showroom:

“Designers need a support team. The manager of the local United Tile showroom, Debee Larson, is absolutely the most knowledgeable, creative industry partner I have. We’ve been working together this week, to solve a multi-faceted problem for a very special client. Unique metallic glass mosaic tiles, intended for the kitchen backsplash, have been backordered for four months, so the tile contractor had to install all of the tile, leaving spaces for the mosaic inserts. Unfortunately, his employees doubled the number of inserts, which means that when the tile arrives, there won’t be enough for the inserts and the custom medallion I designed for the area between the cooktop and the hood.  

One of the most enjoyable, exciting aspects of my design business is creative problem solving, to achieve the homeowners’ goals, and save them money. Debee understood this, and worked with me to provide alternatives that the homeowners like. The backsplash will be beautiful, and it will achieve the pizzaz that the homeowners wanted to enhance their new kitchen.”