Highly Regarded Tile Installer Advocates Laticrete Products

The following message was sent to Henry Rothberg , LATICRETE Senior Vice President and is posted with permission of the sender:

THANK YOU for providing us with quality products and outstanding service.  We have been through every major brand through the last 12 years and so I have become conservative about committing to anyone in recent times.  I am glad to report that your company hit the mark like no other…we needed one source for all of our mortars and grout and with the exception of Kerdi and Ditra, we will now use Laticrete for everything we do.  Please feel free to give out my phone number as you please…If you have clients that want an objective voice I may be able to provide you some credibility.  The only dog I have in this fight is that i have tried virtually every other company…Hydroment, Tec, Customs, Mapai, etc.   All the companies had good products but had holes in the armor somewhere…your products have provided solutions and that simply puts money in my pocket everyday.

Also, you should know Eric at United is an exceptionally well qualified rep for your products.  He did an outstanding job gaining our trust and selling us without “selling”.  Eric is the type of person who puts money in your pocket and if I have sales or installation people putting $$ in my pocket I like to hang on to them.

Thank you again. “

Trask Bergerson – Bergerson Tile – (503) 440-2470

Seattle Customer Shares UT Showroom Experience

We love hearing about great experiences our customers have had in our showrooms.  Here’s a recent email:

“Just a note of appreciation to the great people in your showrooms in Everett and Renton, Washington.  Dawn in Everett has been an exceptional help to us with tile selection, and Kate and Dana in Renton were also very patient and helpful to me there.  These people are very gifted with their design knowledge and people skills, as we have some ‘off-color’ tub and fixtures they’re helping us work with in tile selection.  The ideas and product knowledge they offer has been invaluable, and I consider them all to be great resources now and for future projects.

Thanks for providing such a great showroom and tile checkout facilities as well.”

Sincerely, Robin L.

Hello world!

It has been a long journey for United Tile create our blog. We have talked about it and gone over ideas on how to create it and have finally settled on this format.  At United Tile we are have the mission of creating a friendly, warm, family like environment with our employees. We see blogging and social networking as a way to extend that belief and feeling to you, our customer and now our audience.

Visit us on Facebook and Twitter. We would love for you to post pictures of projects completed and in progress. Or even add comments about your experience with our company.

Hello to you all!